If you're interested in saving time when booking your parcels, you should try our PrePay services! Should you choose to do so, you’ll be opening yourself up to the wealth of benefits our prepaid courier services can bring your business.

Find out more about the advantages of PrePay here.

Safe. Secure. Simple.

All transactions are verified by Barclaycard Secure and PayPal to ensure PrePay transactions are safe.


What is PrePay?

Quicker Booking

Simple Payments


To summarise, PrePay allows you to put into your account and then use this credit to pay for orders without having to put in your payment details each time.

What are the benefits of PrePay shipping and what does
PrePay delivery mean for my business?

Save time

No payment details

Easy to set up

The obvious advantages to using PrePay shipping is how much time you can save yourself and your company. You no longer need to keep inputting payment information on each order as our PrePay service means you'll have your prepaid couriers, prepaid delivery, prepaid postage and more ready in next to no time for all your consignments.

Setting up your prepaid courier service with us couldn't be easier. You can either create a PrePay account or top up to your needs and get ready to make the most of fast prepaid shipping.

How to Top Up your PrePay Shipping?

Set up your Highland Parcels account (if you haven't already) and log in.

Go to "My Payments." This page allows you to top up your PrePay. You can also check your remaining credit to see if you can afford your pre-paid postage at this time.

Enter the amount you wish to top up by along with your payment details.

PrePay FAQs

How do I add more PrePay credit?

When your credit has run out just add more by clicking on the "PrePay and Checkout" button when you order your next parcel delivery, or click the button in your account.

Will I get confirmation when adding money to my PrePay account?

You should receive an email confirmation of your PrePay transaction.

How do I find out my PrePay balance?

When you log into your account your PrePay balance will appear at the top right of the page showing you clearly how much you have left to use for PrePay shipping.

How long is my PrePay credit valid for?

Your PrePay credit is valid until it has been spent, it will not expire. Ensuring you can make the most of our pre paid services whenever and wherever you want.

What is the minimum amount of credit I can add?

The minimum amount of PrePay credit is £20.00 per transaction. You can of course add more to meet your prepaid parcel postage requirements.